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In my category autumn outfits, I show you trend styles for a transition. You can find outfits with dresses, skirts, trousers or coats. Have a look on my Kleidermaedchen fashion blog.

Autumn Outfit With Midi Dress and Leather Jacket

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It's autumn now and the upcoming winter season starts in a few weeks. For that I show you an autumn outfit with a midi dress. I combined the look with jeans and leather jacket because winter is coming fast. I need a warm uniform with a kind of chicness to feel comfy in the cold season. Shortly I would say I present you a cozy style with midi dress and leather jacket for cold days in autumn and winter.


Outfit with a Satin Body, black Blazer and Skinny Jeans

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Do you know autumn is my favorite season? I love the colorful nature, the leaves on the ground and the fresh wind in my hair. Also, I love to style my outfit with typically autumn colors. For me such a color is blue. Besides of blue, I'm in love with bodies. Especially a satin body in blue with a floral pattern. Therefore I present you an outfit with a satin body, black blazer and skinny jeans on my fashion blog.


Cityoutfit: brauner Wollmantel zu Skinny Jeans und Chloé Susanna lookalike Boots

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Mantel | Lippenstift | Tasche | Jeans | Pullover | Uhr | Stiefeletten

Einfach mal schnell in die City. An solchen Tagen mache ich kein großes Tamtam um meinen Style. Ich greife in den Kleiderschrank und ziehe alt Bewährtes heraus. Die Alltagslieblinge kommen zum Einsatz. Jeans und Pullover sind bei mir im Winter zwei beliebte Begleiter, denn sie machen zu allen Styles eine gute Figur.


Outfit: Rebecca Minkoff Tasche mit Stiefeletten & braunem Wollmantel

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Outfits wie dieses trage ich derzeit sehr gerne. Der Stil ist eine Mischung aus klassischem Schick und sportlicher Lässigkeit - ein Mix, der sich super im Winter tragen lässt. Er wirkt sportlich und hat zugleich einen gewisse Eleganz, die mich an den Pariser Chic erinnert. Ein Vorteil des klassischen Schicks ist auch dass er sich im Alltag und am Abend gleichermaßen gut kleiden lässt. Das Highlight an dem Outfit ist aber die Rebecca Minkoff Tasche, die erst neu bei mir eingezogen ist.


How To Style A Midi Skirt Outfit?

What matches to a midi-skirt for the moment? The answer is super easy: heels. Heels or high heels are super elegant and lenghten your legs. But what happens if I tell you: “Wear flat shoes to midi-skirts, especially sneakers.” Many of you would think I'am going crazy! An old fashion rules said you can't combine midi-skirts and flats. But for me apply woman can wear all types of clothes in combination; you must feel comfortable and stylish. It's time to broke with "old" fashion rules and express out the own sense of fashion without limitation.


Ready For November Outfit With Another Boyfriend Jeans

You know that situation looking for a specific dress? You’re browsing in catalogues, searching on the web and also in the stores – without any result. It happened to me when I was looking for a boyfriend jeans. I have been searching for the perfect jeans for over one year. Thats a very long time, especially for me. At the end, I passed searching for the perfect jeans. With the end of my search the unbelievable happened. In short time I located two pairs of matching boyfriend jeans.